ICYMI: 4 Things

Van for family vacation

It’s been a while! Hope your summer months are full of fun and sun. In case you missed it, we wanted to share a few things we liked. Best yet, you can read or watch while you’re on your family vacation.

1. Photo Wake Up

Researchers at the University of Washington and Facebook have developed a way to animate 2D characters in 3D. Learn more about their work and read their research paper at https://grail.cs.washington.edu/projects/wakeup/.

2. Zappar WebAR

We’ve been using Zappar to experiment with mobile AR prototyping and development here at Penn Libraries. Zappar announced its beta WebAR functionality last week.

You can try it yourself using the code from our AR Valentines workshop.

Flyer for augmented reality valentines

Try it!

  • Open your phone browser – go to web.zappar.com
  • Hit the “Launch” button
  • Scan the black & white zap code in the image above

3. There’s Just No Doubt That It Will Change the World’: David Chalmers on VR and AI

NYT Opinion: June 18, 2019

“In what sense is normal reality real, and can virtual reality be real in that way?”


4. Virtual Reality Comes to the Classroom

Chronicle of Higher Ed: May 27, 2019

Our own Dr. Peter Decherney and his students’ work with 360-video is mentioned.  David Toccafondi’s excellent photography skills made it in, too!

Penn Libraries PennImmersive Photo

We’d love to hear from you. Want to author a post about your work, offer a product review, or share interesting resources? Let us know!


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