Embodied Labs VR Learning: Online Lunch-and-Learn on 10/18

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We are so pleased to have Erin Washington, the co-founder of Embodied Labs, share a bit about the company and provide an online demo of the VR-enabled experiences they have developed.

Embodied Labs: Online Lunch-and-Learn
Thursday, October 18
12:15 – 12:55 pm ET
Free! [Register for URL]

I had the chance to try “The Alfred Lab” and saw the world from Alfred’s perspective: I had advanced macular degeneration and hearing loss and was put in situations that helped me appreciate a number of challenges I hadn’t anticipated.

Other lab topics:

  • End of Life Conversations: The Clay Lab
  • A Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease: The Beatriz Lab

See how it works

Thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive

What is most compelling to me about Embodied Labs is their intentional, inclusive approach to the labs they’ve created and to the ways VR is thoughtfully incorporated into a holistic educational experience. As a result, their learning system is being used by long-term care facilities and other senior services organizations, by hospitals for patient education and employee compliance training, and by health sciences programs to train future professionals.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in…

  • Caregiving, senior services, and working with aging populations
  • Simulations, learning, and new forms of pedagogy — in the health sciences and beyond
  • Real-world, academic applications of VR and VR storytelling

Please help spread the word. We hope to see you online!

This is part of our PennImmersive Lunch-and-Learn series. Each session gives you time to get your lunch and login before we officially begin at 12:15 pm ET. Learn something new, ask a question, and log out in time to get to your 1 pm appointment!

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