The New Reality

We are pleased to invite you to two PennImmersive events this Friday, September 28:

Open Planning and Information Sharing Session (3-4 pm)

Come to the Collaborative Classroom, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library for an open planning meeting. Let’s regroup after a successful year and outline the months ahead. Hear from your colleagues about what they’ve been doing, and learn about new technologies, software, and events planned in the Penn Libraries and beyond! [Register for a reminder]

Welcome to the New Reality at the Education Commons (EC; 4- 6 pm)


Join us for an afternoon of emerging tech at the Education Commons. Obtain your EC passport and team up or go it alone and complete our four emerging tech challenges.

Earn stamps by conquering our:

1. 3D Challenge (choose 1): Hand draw 3D objects with our new 3D pens; create a sculpture using Play-Doh and scan it with our 3D scanner to create a printable 3D model; print a bookmark using our Makerbot 3D printer

2. AR Challenge: Use Zappar to engage with a variety of newly created, space-themed zaps

3. VR Challenge: Immerse yourself in virtual world using Oculus Go

4. Makey Makey Challenge: Navigate a real world obstacle course that controls a Scratch computer game

Complete all four challenges and receive the ultimate prize (i.e. an amazing 3D print of your choice).

Attendees will become familiar with the EC’s suite of services, innovative technologies, and spaces in a relaxed and experimental environment. Refreshments and other fun diversions will ease voyagers’ journeys.

 No registration required — just drop in!

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