PennImmersive 2017-2018 Report Available

Trying HoloLens in Classical Studies

We’re happy to present the end-of-year report for the PennImmersive initiative! The colorful 22-page PennImmersive Year in Review is available to view as an interactive high-resolution PDF, compressed PDF, or ePUB.

Here are a few details from the report:

  • An estimated 700 people participated in more than 50 events
  • The Penn community has access to a wide variety immersive technologies through the Penn Libraries including HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go,  180- and 360-cameras, 3D printers, and more
  • The report offers four recommendations for the coming academic year that build upon the community’s efforts and add some new directions for exploration

It’s been an exciting journey so far and we look forward to the coming year ahead. In the next week we will be posting upcoming events and ways to create immersive experiences at Penn. Stay tuned…

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