Feedback on the Google Cardboard and Zappar Experience

Check out our infographics here that illustrate feedback on Google Cardboard and Zappar from our two workshops this past August.

This post and the infographics are by the PennImmersive Research Design Team: Shanni Liu, Yue Tang, and Vivian Zou, who are all students of Penn GSE’s Learning Sciences and Technologies Master’s Program.

A Google Cardboard workshop and a Zappar workshop were held at the Penn Library in August 2017 as starting points for the year-long PennImmersive project. The workshops were open to faculty and staff in the Penn community who were interested in the virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Attendees gave interesting feedback on the pros and cons of their experience with the tools introduced in the workshops. Also, attendees shared brilliant insights into how Google Cardboard (representing virtual reality), and Zappar (representing augmented reality) can contribute to teaching and learning. We are pleased to present infographics that summarize this feedback below:

  1. Google Cardboard Workshop Feedback: How was the experience?
  2. Google Cardboard Workshop Feedback: How can Google Cardboard Support Teaching and Learning?
  3. ZapparĀ  Workshop Feedback: How was the experience?
  4. Zappar Workshop Feedback: How can Zappar Support Teaching and Learning?

If you have any other comments or ideas, please share with the PennImmersive team!

– Shanni, Yue, and Vivian.

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