Field Trip to Penn State – University Park

The good people at Penn State are involved in a number of interesting and inspiring projects — including efforts around augmented and virtual reality. We thought they would be a great case study example for PennImmersive. A more focused description of their projects, technologies, and organizational/support structure will be forthcoming. However, we thought you’d be interested to see some of the innovative spaces they are designing.

Immersive Experiences Lab

The picture below is a sneak peek of their new IMEX Lab that opens this fall.


This “pinwheel” area is a space for students to experience VR video for courses. The rows of iMacs (top left) are for editing video. There’s also a space (not shown) to view and experience content in Oculus Rift as well as narrate audio and create podcasts.

The Dreamery

The Dreamery is a space for faculty and students to collaborate, create, experience, and learn together. The Dreamery houses academic technology staff including instructional designers and application developers as well as a variety of collaboration spaces and cutting-edge technologies.


And more…

Check out the photo album from the day. We visited so many other creative spaces that we will detail in an upcoming post. We are grateful to Chris Stubbs, Lori McCracken, Tim Linden, Ryan Wetzel, Trace Brown, Elise Gowan, Larry Ragan, and Brad Zdenek for being so generous with their time and talent!



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